Traveling With YNB VISA® Debit Card

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visatraveldebit_smallerFor your protection, your YNB VISA® Debit Card has new security features. The new security features protect your account from fraud and make your purchases more secure when traveling.

On purchases over $100 that you make with your YNB VISA® Debit Card outside Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kansas or Arkansas will require you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Purchases made at restaurants are exempt from this security feature.

Because this security feature requires the use of your Personal Identification Number (PIN), it is important to ensure you know your correct PIN prior to traveling outside the states listed above.

In addition, anytime you travel outside your home area it is important you call YNB Customer Service at (405) 350-1335 or your local branch to setup a travel notification on your debit card. This assists the Fraud Department in determining whether transactions on your account are legitimate and can prevent your card from being mistakenly shutdown.

Whether you’re using your debit card in your home area or while traveling, you should always follow the debit card safety recommendations listed on our Debit Card Safety page. Also consider using a YNB VISA® Travel Card as an alternative, or in addition to your YNB VISA® Debit Card.

If you’re planning to travel and have any questions about the new security features on your YNB VISA® Debit Card please call Customer Service at (405) 350-1335 or contact your local branch.