EMV Chip Card Technology

What is chip card technology?

YNB Debit Cards use EMV chip technology to protect your card information when making a purchase at a chip-enabled merchant terminal and when used at a chip-enabled ATM. EMV, which stands for “Europay, MasterCard, Visa,” is the international standard for chip card security and is already in use throughout Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico and South America. Chip technology is becoming standard in the United States. As merchants and banks transition to chip technology, you will experience a change in the method in which you use your card at checkout and at ATMs.

How does chip card technology work

During a transaction with your YNB chip card, the chip produces a single-use code to validate the transaction, which helps protect your card from unauthorized use. Plus, if the merchant is breached, chip card data cannot be used to create a counterfeit card. Please note, the chip in your credit card is not a radio antenna and cannot be accessed by a scanner.

How can I tell if a Merchant has chip-enabled terminals

Terminals vary by merchant; however, most merchants with chip-enabled terminals will have a slot below the keypad to insert your card. Additionally, the chip-enabled merchant terminal will prompt you to insert your card into the slot if you try to swipe your card.

How to use your chip card

Your chip card works at merchants and ATMs with and without chip card technology.

Merchants with chip-enabled terminals

  • Insert your card into the slot facing up with the chip toward the terminal.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to complete your transaction.
  • When the terminal says the transaction is complete, remove your card


Chip card readers may vary at different merchants, so be sure to follow the prompts on screen. Plus, don’t forget to take your card when the transaction is complete.

Merchants without chip-enabled terminals

Swipe your card as normal using the magnetic strip on the back of your card and follow the prompts.
Don’t worry if the merchant does not have chip technology, your card will still work.


Insert your card as normal and follow the prompts.
If the ATM uses chip technology, it will prompt you to leave your card inserted until the transaction is complete.

Online & Phone

Enter or provide your card information as requested.

For more information, contact YNB Customer Service at (405) 350-1335.

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