Overdraft Protection

At YNB, we offer options on how you want to handle overdrafts on your account should you inadvertently take your account into a negative balance. We also offer a number of alternatives to help prevent overdrafts from happening on your account. You should choose the option that works best for your individual situation.

Overdraft Services

If your checking account meets the eligibility requirements it is automatically granted a preset overdraft limit. Once an overdraft limit is granted we will pay checks and other items that cause your account to go into a negative balance up to the amount of the overdraft limit. There is a fee per item paid into the negative.

These are the types of overdraft items we will pay up to your overdraft limit:

  • Checks you write and checks initiated through Online Bill Pay
  • ACH electronic payments
  • Recurring debit card transactions, such as a monthly membership or subscriptions

We will not pay your overdrafts for ATM withdrawals or everyday debit card purchases unless you tell us you want coverage for these types of transactions. These transactions will be declined at the point of sale or at the ATM when there are not sufficient funds available in your account to complete the transaction.

You may choose to opt-in and have YNB authorize and pay overdrafts on your ATM and everyday debit card transactions.

If you choose to opt-in these additional overdraft items will be paid up to your overdraft limit:

  • Everyday debit card purchases
  • Cash withdrawals from ATM’s

If checks or other items clearing your account cause a negative balance in excess of your overdraft limit, those items will be returned and a $34 per item fee will be assessed. Additional merchant fees may also apply.

Even if you have overdraft services on your account, you should understand that you are still responsible for bringing your account to a positive balance. If your account maintains a negative balance at the end of posting each business day for 30 consecutive days we will remove your overdraft limit. If your account maintains a negative balance for more than 30 days your account may be closed and any unpaid balances will be reported to Chex Systems. Any unpaid balances may also be referred to an agency for collection.  We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.  If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined/returned.

Linked Account Transfer

Linked Account Transfer is a good addition or alternative to Overdraft Services if you have a separate savings or money market account with sufficient funds available to cover any unexpected  overdrafts. There is a fee each day a Linked Account Transfer is made. Savings and money market accounts have certain transaction limitations. Linked Account Transfers count toward these transaction limits. You may have both Overdraft Services and Linked Account Transfer set up on your account. If you have both, we will always transfer funds from your linked account before overdrawing your account.


Checkmagic is a consumer line of credit that is linked to your account. When overdraft items are presented, advances are made from this line of credit to pay the items. An interest rate applies to the balance of your Checkmagic and a minimum monthly payment is required. Checkmagic matures annually with the option of renewing for another 12 months. Annual fee applies.

This alternative to Overdraft Services is subject to credit approval. Talk to one of our lenders to learn more about this option.

If you have Checkmagic linked to your account, your account is not eligible for Overdraft Services.

No Overdraft Services

You may determine that you do not want any overdraft services at all. If you are concerned about managing your account with the overdraft services, we can remove all coverage. When you select this option, checks and other items presented on your account that would cause an overdraft will be returned and you will be assessed a fee for each item and additional merchant fees may apply. We will decline debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals that would take your account into a negative balance.