Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (eDeposit) allows you to deposit checks at YNB without even leaving your office. It improves cash availability, reduces deposit delays and saves you time and money.

eDeposit allows you to focus on your business.

eDeposit is ideal if any of the following are true:

  • Your business deposits large-dollar checks
  • Your business deposits a sizeable number of checks
  • You have trouble leaving your business during the day
  • Your business is a considerable distance from a YNB branch
  • Your business makes frequent deposits

How does eDeposit work?

  • Converts paper checks into electronic transactions
  • Desktop scanner images front and back of checks
  • Deposits scanned checks online
  • Captures the image and sends deposit to YNB
  • Access reports detailing remote deposit activity

How can eDeposit benefit your business?

Adds convenience.  Allows you to scan, capture images, and deposit checks directly to your account without having to leave the office.  Reduce your costs and improve your cash flow.

Safe and Secure.  You access eDeposit through a dedicated, secure website from your office.  Have multiple offices?  No problem, you can have eDeposit anywhere you need it.

No software or hardware purchase. There is no software or hardware to purchase, install or maintain.  YNB manages any software or hardware required for eDeposit. You only to need to furnish the computer you’ll be using with eDeposit.  Keeping eDeposit up-to-date won’t be a concern for you or your technology staff.

Fast and accurate. eDeposit assists in balancing deposits.  Image archives are created of every deposit making it easy to review deposits as needed.  All of these time-saving features are built into eDeposit and are ready to use.  And all of this is available at the speed of the Internet.

Improves productivity. eDeposit provides the means to produce electronic deposits quickly and conveniently and make them from remote locations into your account.  You can virtually eliminate the need to bring a deposit to the bank, thereby saving time for more important tasks.


To see if eDeposit is a fit for your business, and to obtain pricing and lease details, contact your account officer or call YNB Customer Service at (405) 350-1335.