Travel Cards

Visa TravelMoney® Reloadable Debit Card

A Visa TravelMoney® Reloadable Debit Card is the secure and efficient way to access funds when traveling anywhere in the world and can be used anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted. Purchase at any YNB location.

  • Load your card between $25 and $5000.
  • Withdrawal $300 cash per day at Visa and PLUS ATMs worldwide.
  • No limit on the number or dollar amount of point of sale (POS) transactions.
  • Available to YNB customers only

Existing Cardholders

Report your Visa TravelMoney® Reloadable Debit Card lost or stolen by calling 1-866-466-8084.

Visa TravelMoney® Reloadable Debit Card Fees

Load/Reload Fee$5.00
Inactivity Fee - assessed if card remains inactive for 30 days$5.00/month
Replacement Card Fee$5.00
Domestic ATM Withdrawal$1.50
Domestic Point of Sale PIN Transaction$0.50
Domestic Balance Inquiry$0.50
Domestic Declined Transaction$0.75
International ATM Withdrawal$3.00
International Point of Sale PIN Transaction$1.00
International Balance Inquiry$1.00
International Declined Transaction$1.50
IVR Phone Call - one fee call included to retrieve personal identification number (PIN)$0.95
Live Agent Phone Call$5.00
Card Expiration Fee - assessed monthly after card is expired until balance is $0.00$10.00/month
Value Unload Fee$5.00