Commercial Real Estate Lending

YNB provides a wide range of commercial real estate financing including new construction, acquisition or refinancing options.

  • Construction of a new office or building
  • Purchase leased property
  • Refinance an existing commercial real estate loan

Business Real Estate Loans

  • Residential and commercial real estate projects
  • Construction loans
  • Short-term bridge loans
  • Long-term permanent fixed rate financing

Income Producing Real Estate Loans

  • Retail
  • Office
  • Multi-family
  • Industrial
  • Hotel financing

Development Loans

  • Lending for residential real estate projects
  • Land loans
  • Acquisition and development funding
  • Lot financing
  • Vertical unit construction

Construction Loans

  • Lending to improve real property
  • Aggregate commitment amounts
  • Progressive draws
  • Maturity coincides with project completion